Yahtzee Online Slots Reviewed

With roots in the dice game created by Milton Bradley in the 1940s, Yahtzee is a 5-reel 25-payline online slots game with the look and feel of the popular board game, and with added bonus levels that can be activated through gameplay.

All symbols in the game are inspired by the original dice game, with emphasis on the theme of family and party organising. Reel symbols include pizza, popcorn, fizzy drinks, three Yahtzee players, and three different designs for the base game, with the game screen designed to look like the box that the original game was contained in.

Deviating from traditional slot games, the base game has a random chance of landing a wild multiplier during each spin. Landing this wild multiplier on reel 3 to 5, and if it contributes to a winning combination, will bring up another screen in which dice will be rolled.

Once the dice have finished rolling, a multiplier will be given, and the sum of the multiplier will be added to your win. Using the Max Bet option at the bottom of the screen will allow you to begin the spin at the maximum stake, and doing so will raise the chances of activating the bonus features.

Most wins made in Yahtzee will most often be through the base game, as wins are frequent and generally smaller. Wins in the bonus features, however, are much bigger, but with much lower chance of landing.

Yahtzee Bonus Round

As you play at no deposit https://canadacasinoonline.org/review/lucky-nugget/ casino, there’s a one in six chance of landing a bonus symbol, which can only be landed on reel 5. This symbol will add to the multiplier, and will award more bonus symbols to appear the longer you leave it. You can activate just one bonus symbol to start the bonus round, but having only one bonus symbol will one add 1x to the multiplier.

The more bonus symbols accumulated, the more that is added to the multiplier. Upon collecting 5 bonus symbols, the bonus feature of Yahtzee is automatically triggered.

A cup will appear once the bonus feature has been triggered, which will give you three rolls of dice. Each roll has a chance of giving you a Yahtzee, while not landing a Yahtzee will just add whatever you rolled to your multiplier. Not landing a Yahtzee during the play will, however, grant you the chance bonus.

Yahtzee Jackpot Bonus

If you manage to land a Yahtzee during the dice roll of the bonus game, you will then be taken to a new screen with a new set of dice. Rolling these dice will reward you with a win regardless of what you land on, but there is a chance of landing another Yahtzee, which guarantees an even bigger win, which multiplies your stake by 4500 times. Rolling a Yahtzee twice in a row means a massive multiplier jackpot of 45000, which is added to your win as well. The chances of landing these during the bonus feature is slim, but the multiplier reward chance increases your bet by many times, meaning you can earn more than triple back what you originally placed as a stake.

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