Winning White & Black Bonus With Queen of Thrones by Amaya

Queen of Thrones is a chess themed online and mobile slot with very modern graphics and animation. The game has a number of extras, including bonus rounds and free spins. Played out over five reels, all of the thirty paylines are fixed but aren’t that expensive to play. A maximum bet of 15 per spin puts the game very firmly within reach of all budgets. Experienced players and beginners alike will enjoy its different layout and unique take on the online slot world.

Animated Chess Game

Queen of Thrones is set out to look like a chess game, with all pieces animating when they form a part of a winning combinations. The reels are set on a grassy field, as if a mobile pokies player is lying on the grass playing chess. On either side of the reels is a chess piece from an opposing team. The graphics in Queen of Thrones are very modern, the animations are slick and the game stands up well in a world full of online and mobile slots. Queen of Thrones can be played on both desktop and mobile devices and does not lose any of its character on a smaller screen. The soundtrack is an epic sounding musical score that could be taken form a movie, or a series about thrones.

Queens, Knights and Kings

All of the symbols in Queen of Thrones are theme based and all are taken from a chess board.  All pieces are in two colours however, so you have to find matching pieces of the same colour to receive a payout. Pawns are the bottom of the pay scale with 50 coins for five of them in a row. Knights are worth 70 coins, Bishops 100 and Rooks 150. Queens are worth 300 coins and Kings 500 coins. The wild not only substitutes for all other symbols in the game except for the bonus ones, but is also the games highest paying symbol with 2500 for five of them.

Queen on Her Throne

In the very middle of the reels is a spot marked The Throne, which awaits its queen on every spin. Should the queen land on the throne, she will capture any adjacent pieces. When this happens those pieces become wild, and create many more real money slots.

White vs Black Bonus

The free spins symbol can be found on all reels, and three of them anywhere in view will grant you up to thirty free spins for five of them. During the free spins round you will be assigned a colour. Any piece of your colour that lands on the throne will turn adjacent pieces wild, depending on its attack pattern. A King on the throne will grant extra spins.

Big Capture Bonus

This is launched by three bonus symbols on reels one three and five. A second screen Pick Me round is shown where you have to choose squares on a wooden chess board. Various chess pieces are hidden on the board, each one holding a cash prize. The higher up in raking the piece is the, higher the cash prize is. There are also a number of pick again squares, and also a number of x’s which will give you nothing.

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