Thrilling Haunted House Online Slots Game Review

Haunted House is a spook-tacular online slots game with three reels and five different pay lines that has up to twelve possible winning combinations. This online slots game does not have any wilds, scatter symbols or bonus games but the opportunity for large pay outs is high with landing the garlic clove symbols.

Haunted House has a dark and macabre theme based on old fashioned horror films featuring the frightening Count Dracula and other menacing vampires. The graphics boast realistic and spooky images that are simply beautiful. The backdrop of this online slots game displays a dark and ominous setting of Count Draculas castle beneath a full moon. An evil witch flies her broom through the night sky while Count Dracula himself uses his charming wiles to captivate his victims. The incredibly terrifying imagery is further enhanced by the spooky sound effects and mesmerizing bone chilling music that can be heard playing in the background.

The Haunted House’s Frightful Symbols

This online slots game has a wide array of symbols displaying spooky paraphernalia. The items are those that one would expect to find in a Haunted House full of terrifying vampires. From goblets, coffins and candles to some of the other symbols that display the weapons victims could use to escape the evil clutches of frightful vampires. These include garlic cloves, wooden stakes, daggers and crucifixes.

How to Play Haunted House

The coin value is the first thing that needs to be decided upon when playing Haunted House online slots. The value can be set in low or high denominations. The amount of coins wagered on each line is then chosen. The Bet One button allows players to choose their own desired bet and the Bet Max option will automatically place the wager using the highest value on the coins and the most allowed coins on a pay line. From there the spin button can be clicked and the reels will begin to spin. If the reels land on any winning combinations on any of the active pay lines the game will inform the players and then show the winning amount added to the kitty. If no winning combination is hit the game will reset and the players can make new wagers.

The Vampire Slashing Garlic Symbols

Even though Haunted House online slots at microgaming casino no deposit has no wild or scatter symbols there are the garlic symbols that offer nice wins. The garlic clove symbols are special as only one needs to appear on the reels to win a pay out. One garlic clove symbol will immediately pay five coins and two of the garlic clove symbols landing on the reels will pay twenty five coins. Three of the garlic clove symbols landing on the reels awards the highest winning amount. Each of the five pay lines do, however, pay out a different amount for three garlic clove symbols. The first pay line awards players 1 000 coins, the second pay line awards 1 200 coins, 1 400 coins are paid for hitting the third pay line, the fourth awards 1 600 coins and the fifth line awards players the largest amount of 1 800 coins.

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