The Growing World Of eSports Betting

In the world of international sports, none are growing quite as quickly as esports. Starting out as nothing more than a few competitions between diehard fans, esports have become the fastest-growing sport in the world, even outpacing both football and rugby. And right alongside the esports is esports betting, a world that’s just as much fun and just as exciting to be a part of.

Here we will dive into why esports betting has become such a massive, global force in the betting industry and why it continues to grow even bigger with every passing day.

It’s A Mixture Of Bettors And Gamers

When we look at other types of sports betting, it’s often fronted by bettors that have no interest in the sports themselves, but rather as an impartial way of making money through wagering and for no other reason. When it comes to esports, however, it’s just as easy to find an impartial bettor as it is to find a gamer that’s betting on the event or tournament simply because they love and play the game themselves. It’s become so common for gamers to bet on the teams that they love that it’s become something of a norm within the gaming world, especially as games like DOTA and League of Legends continue to get bigger each year, with tournaments that attract millions of viewers.

It’s Already In The Future

The majority of conventional sports fans will watch their favourite events on their televisions at home, and while there is a slow trend for many of these events to be broadcast through the internet, it’s going at a slow pace. On the other hand, esports began as live-streamed events that have always been closely tied with the internet and with offering second-by-second action through various streaming platforms – which are becoming almost as big as their conventional counterparts. This has made it easier than ever when it comes to betting, allowing bettors to follow through their streaming platform of choice, while also being able to participate in active discussions, and even play the games themselves.

A Matter Of Numbers

One of the biggest surveys ever conducted on the amount of people involved in esports put the numbers at almost 400 million fans, and it’s a survey that was done almost three years ago. The audience continues to swell every year, and so too do the number of people that are involved in the betting side. It was almost estimated, in the same year, that esports generated almost $700 million in revenue, with more than 40% of that coming from sponsorship deals and brand advertising.

Big brands getting involved in esports is good for the events as much as it is for the betting, as it means that more bookmakers will start getting involved. Bookmakers control the betting industry, and the more bets and wagers they offer to bettors based on esports tournaments, the more likely it is that the esports betting will continue to surge in popularity.

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