The Great Escape Artist Slot Game Reviewed By Players

The Great Escape Artist slot game, created by Genesis Software, is an intriguing option for players of all skills level. It features a rich, well-realised theme based around a magician escape artist called Larry Linguini.

Larry, the story says, made a deal with the devil to be the greatest escape artist in history, and now draws crowds to the theatre to see his death defying escapes. This story is brought to life with impressive drawings, professional animations, and a sound design that is as mysterious as it is unnerving. The game uses a five reel, fifty play line system and is available for mobile phone, laptop, home computer and tablet.

Standard Play Symbols

Fitting with the theme, the standard play symbols in The Great Escape Artist slot game are a gypsy fortune teller, a mysterious face in a crystal ball, the devil, and a skull. The devil is the most valuable standard game play symbol slots NZ. The nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of playing cards are also used, but have the lowest value in the game.

Bonus Feature System

The Great Escape Artist slot machine game has an interesting twist on the standard bonus system of other games. The scatter symbol, represented by the words The Great Escape Artist, must be landed three or more times. When matched, it will grant a number of free spins, based on how many scatter symbols were in the matching sequence.

During the free spins the symbol of Larry in a water tank acts as a wild symbol. If, however, only part of the three symbol image of Larry is in the play area, the picture will shift, allowing all three images that make up the picture to be in the play area. This means that all three wild symbols will be used in making matching sequences, allowing for a much greater chance of payouts being achieved.

Also note that if three scatter symbols are matched during a free spin sequence, a further ten free spins will be added to those already won. This means, of course, that enormous payouts can be earned.

User Friendly Interface System

The Great Escape Artist real money Canadian slots online for Android game is designed to have a convenient, user friendly interface. A glance to the bottom of the screen will reveal all relevant information, including the current bank balance, which can be seen at the bottom left under the balance heading. The current bet is above it, which is changeable via the plus and minus buttons, and the current lines bet on to the right of the bet amount, which may also be changed via the plus and minus buttons. Remember that the more lines bet on the higher the chances of winning, but higher the upfront bet required. Beside this section, on the right, is the help button, which will give detailed explanation of the game, its winning sequences, symbol value, and the rules for the bonus games.

At the bottom far right is the spin button, which will trigger one manual spin, and the auto play button. In order to use the auto play feature, simply tap the button, select the number of automatic spins desired, and tap start to have the spins play out.

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