The Evolution of the Mobile Casino – It may be strange to think that mobile casinos have only been around for a short while, it is difficult to imagine a time when there was no mobile casino gaming.  It all started with a simple black and white game on a Nokia phone and then WAP games which could be bought and downloaded.  The mobile industry grew at a rapid rate with the launching of Android and iPhones.

The Early Days

It all began in the 1990s with playing games on the internet which evolved to playing casino games online by 1998.  Before the internet people only used their phones for calls and texting and casino games could only be played on computers or machines down at the pub.  The first game to be played on a phone was a game called snake and was played on a Nokia 6610.  It became so popular that Nokia phones came with the game already installed and has sold over 400 million copies.

WAP and Java

Players could not download games onto their phones and then (Wireless Application Protocol) WAP was developed and allowed mobile devices to connect to the internet.  WAP was used in 2000 on phones such as Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola that had web browsers.  WAP made it possible for games like Bejewelled to be played on mobile and then casino games came on the scene.

WAP was very slow and in 2001 Java was developed which was much faster and allowed players to download action games.

The very first casino game was Pub Fruity developed by IOMO and was a compilation of smaller games.  At this time there were no real money casino games but players could use chips.  A popular game at the time was Downtown Texas Hold’em where players could take part in tournaments with others and earn chips.  The challenge at the time was that not all of the games were compatible on all devices and software developers had to develop games that could be played on a range of phones.

Apple and Android

In 2007 the Apple iPhone was launched and was like a mini computer.  Apps were made available in 2008 and players could buy apps directly and not have to go through network operators or phone manufacturers.  In 2008 Google launched Android and they had their own app store.  Android could be used on a bigger range of smartphones and this development increased the popularity of online casino gaming.  Players soon had such a wide range of choices with new games being added daily.  The iPad was launched later and with it more games such as Bingo and the popular Multi-handed Blackjack.  Real money casinos then began launching which allowed players to bet with real money in a safe and secure environment.

HTML5 and Mobile Broadband

In 2010 HTML5 was developed which allowed software developers and casinos to design games that could be used on all platforms.  Internet technology also became better and in 2003 3G was launched which meant more speed and mobile broadband.  This development impacted the sports betting industry the most as players could watch live games and place bets from their mobile phones.

The mobile casino industry has evolved from the early days of simple slots and online bingo Australia games to high quality games with animations and sound and excellent graphics.  The industry continues to evolve as new developments are being made and improved upon.

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