The Details about Why Cricket Betting is So Much Fun

Punters opting for cricket betting are more than likely to enjoy themselves when compared to any other sports betting discipline. Cricket is one of the oldest games in the world, with numerous modern day formats enhancing the pace of he game and with so many cricketing leagues played around the globe, cricket betting is fun and exciting.

Both long stretch and shortened versions of the game offer punters unique betting types and options. Closely contested and growing in popularity annually, cricket betting is a mix of fun and exciting wagering options.

An Overview of Cricket

Founded in England during the 16th Century, cricket has its roots set in traditional and gentleman like values. Played on a pitch with a set of wickets on either end, the batting team defend the stumps while the opposing team bowls and fields. The aim of the game is to rack up the most runs before your batting line up is bowled or run out.

Like enthusiasts of Australian eSports bettng, punters in quest of cricket wagering fun need to consider all the angles. The game has changed in modern times encompassing new formats and regulations which have made room for faster pace throughout the game and the addition of score line technology, which has aided umpires in their accuracy of decision making calls.

Cricket Formats

There have been many proposed variations to the game of cricket. The most common formats in modern cricket are split into three popular categories. All three of these categories allow for nearly identical bet types, the most notable difference is the way in which the game is structured.

Test Cricket Format

Test cricket is the most traditional approach to the game itself. Capturing all traditional values and core cricket basics, test cricket is played amongst the top cricketing nations around the globe. South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, West Indies, England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe all play traditional test cricket.

Test cricket is exactly as the name suggests a real test of cricketing skill, strategy and brilliance. Punters have numerous opportunities for betting fun with the format comprising of ninety overs during a five-day period. The test usually has three sessions a morning, afternoon and evening session extending across all five days.

One Day Cricket Format

One-day cricket blows the door off the hinges when it come to the fun factor in cricket betting. The game follows a more set structure that is slightly easier to follow. The shorter length coupled with the blasts from the batsman make for thrilling one day cricket betting.

In one-day cricket, the game is completed in just two sessions. Each team has an allowance of fifty overs and the team to score the most runs at he end of the match wins.

Punters opting for one day cricket betting will be delighted to know that the games format has added a list of tricks to the game to make for even more intense styles of play. Each team is restricted to fielding positions during the match. These fielding positions open up the play and allow batsman to take chances with big hitting balls.

T20 Cricket Format

Arguably the most exciting cricket game and betting format, Twebty20 cricket is just twenty overs per side. This leads to electrifying runs and performances as star players push the boundaries in order to get their team firmly on the board.

It is not all about smashing and running though, the captain needs to lead the team, with intense fielding restrictions like in one day cricket, both sides need to have a clear and well thought out strategy in order to keep the opposing team at bay.

Punters opting for Twenty20 cricket betting fun should regularly check rankings; keep watching the games in order to build a holistic well-rounded logbook of teams, top performers and any setbacks that could influence a decision.

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