Take a Look at Apocalypse Cow Slot

Take a Look at Apocalypse Cow Slot

The Apocalypse Cow online slots game is a hilarious rendition of the classic 70’s cult film Apocalypse Now. The film is an epic war story that starred Hollywood legends like Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper, Lawrence Fishburne and Martin Sheen. The online games’ version features cows in the leading roles who are fighting a war to prevent them from ending up as steaks.

The reels are set on a backdrop reminiscent of a war torn horizon somewhere in the south East Asian jungle where the sweltering sun is setting amongst the aftermath of burning fires from explosions and firing weapons. Trees and helicopters are silhouetted against the orange and red sky and a cow appears to have been hit by some sort of impact and is sailing through the air. The graphics and animations are fun and add light humour to the sombre war theme. Sound effects can be heard throughout the game and help to enhance an appropriate atmosphere.

The Apocalypse Cow Online Slots Game

Apocalypse Cow follows the more traditional types of slots where it features three reels and one pay line. This online slots game at https://canadiancasinoonline.org/microgaming may be a classic version that lacks wild and scatter symbols but it does offer additional intriguing features. Apocalypse Cow is an online slots game that is powered by the Microgaming Software Company. The minimum bet denomination is 0.10 and the maximum is 10.00. With the maximum number of coins allowed being ten, the jackpot prize can reach 2 000 coins.

Classic and Special Themed Symbols

The various symbols that are played on the Apocalypse Cow reels range from the traditional fruity slots symbols to symbols that follow the cartoon like cows at war theme. Cherries, melons, lemons, bars and 7’s are some of the lower valued symbols. The themed symbols offering higher values display the fighting cows, soldier’s dog tags, helicopters and big T-bone steaks. All together the symbols offer nine possible winning combinations that can be hit on the reels. The Apocalypse Cow symbols are the highest valued symbols that award a 500x multiplier jackpot prize.

Apocalypse Cow Slot Themed Symbols

The Reel of Fourteen Bonus Game

The Apocalypse Cow online slots bonus games called the reel of fourteen and is triggered by landing three T-bone symbols. The aim here is to navigate across the board using the bonus spin reel while collecting prizes along the way. The prizes are a variety of special features, free spins and various multipliers. Landing on a block that displays a question mark will end the bonus game and resume the main slots game.

The Traditional Nudge, Hold and Shifta Features

The nudge feature is randomly awarded and allows one reel to be nudged down to make a match or collect a T-bone symbol. When the nudge feature is awarded it can be gambled, repeated or banked. The hold is a feature that is also awarded randomly. It allows any specific reel to be frozen for one spin to help create a winning combination. The shifta feature is activated when the word appears on a sign above the reels. At this time all the reels will be rearranged to offer a guaranteed winning combination.

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