RTG Let ‘Em Ride Poker

The Let ‘Em Ride variation of 5-card Stud Poker is a firm online favourite and the Realtime Gaming, or RTG, version has proven especially popular. Rather than competing against the dealer or other players you’ll simply be trying to create a paying hand, which in this case is one that consists of a pair of 10s or higher and uses all dealt cards. If you’re interested in learning more about playing the game, read on below.

Let ‘Em Ride Order of Play

The first thing a player needs to do is to place an ante bet, and you’ll them receive 3 cards that are faced up while the dealer will get 2 face-down cards. At this point, you need to decide whether to raise your original bet or continue without raising. If you do increase your wager it must be by the same amount as your original stake.

The dealer’s first card is then revealed, and you get to repeat the process of evaluating it and deciding whether or not to raise by your original bet amount. After this, the second dealer card is turned over. The dealer and player cards are then combined, and the resulting hand is evaluated using normal rankings. If your hand doesn’t contain a pair of 10s or better you’ll fail to qualify and will have to forfeit your bet to the house.

RTG Wagering and Payouts

You can put anything from 1 to 100 credits down when you play RTG’s version of Let ‘Em Ride, but remember that if you want to up the ante at any time during the round it will have to be by your original wager. If you feel you have a strong hand you should raise and if you’re worried that you don’t then you should stand, so decide how much to bet with the idea of raising twice in mind.

Side Bet Progressive Jackpot

You can also choose to place a side bet on a Progressive Jackpot that is added to by players all over the world when you play RTG’s version of Let ‘Em Ride online Poker. Depending on your hand, you’ll win all or a portion of the total extra pot.

A Royal Flush pays you 100% of the Jackpot; a Straight Flush pays you 10% and the payouts for Four of a Kind, a Full House and a Flush will be detailed on the site that you visit to play. The side bet must be placed before the cards are dealt for you to qualify for the Jackpot, but it is such a small extra amount that most players think it’s well worth it for the incredible payouts they stand to win.

Good Online Casino Entertainment

Let ‘Em Ride is quite a relaxed version of Poker, and the RTG version is well-presented and very smooth to play. The pace is entertaining, but slow and steady enough that it doesn’t overwhelm newcomers to the game. It’s a good place to kick off Poker adventures, and to develop insight into the game as you go along.

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