Romance & Love Inspired Online Slots

Casino game developers are always looking for a great theme to base their slots around. Ancient civilisations are a very popular one, as is movies. Further down in the popularity field, but by no means forgotten are Romance & Love inspired online slots. Almost every casino game developer has at least one online slot dedicated to that most special of emotions. These range from simple mobile online pokies 3 reel slots all the way up to intricate five reel video slots with loads of extras.

Valentine’s Day

Another great reason for slot developers to bring out Romance & Love inspired online slots is the worldwide celebration of Valentine’s Day on Feb 14. Almost everyone on the planet knows about it, and feels obliged to buy their loved ones a trinket or a chocolate or flowers. Developers know this, and time the release of their Romance & Love inspired online slots to coincide with the time that people all around the world are feeling Cupid’s arrow. The general populace is more inclined to lean towards slots that feature topics that are currently in the foremost of their mind, such as Christmas themed slots at Christmas time.

Popular Culture

Another great reason that developers bring out Romance & Love inspired online slots is when a book or a movie or a TV series becomes wildly popular and has a romantic theme. These often come with a twist, such as the romance being between two vampires or are based on a play such as Phantom of the Opera. This is always a great excuse to develop an online slot with romance as its core theme but with the added fun of the supernatural or of a different era.

Other Romance Themes

There are also a number of Romance & Love inspired online slots which have love as their core but focus on things that are related to love such as weddings. These are mostly happy themed slots with loads of bright colours set to attract those players who are either planning or hoping to plan a wedding and want to get into the whole wedding vibe.

Then of course there are those slots that seem at first glance to be based on love or a wedding but are in fact the opposite. These are usually tongue in cheek games with a large amount of humour thrown in. These may appeal to those who have fallen out of love, but can still see the funny side of it.

Almost anything can be tweaked to involve a love or romance theme. Some Romance & Love inspired online games are nothing more than basic fruit machines with the symbols being done up with hearts or loads of different shades of Red and pink.

Great Graphics

Another reason that there are so many Romance & Love inspired online slots around is the symbols. There are so many symbols associated with different aspects of love and romance that are a developers dream. From hearts to characters such as Cupid, so much can be done with the vast array of options it is almost as if they were designed for the world of online slots.

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