Melbourne Cup Betting

The Melbourne Cup is the most prestigious horse racing even in Australia, and many say the world. It is such a popular event that it is sometimes referred to as “the race that stops a nation.” This is because Australians are known to drop everything, find a television, and watch the event, desperate to see which horse is the overall winner. This is partly because many Australians place bets on the Melbourne Cup. New Zealanders likewise enjoy the event, and are known to take part in Melbourne Cup betting.

Of course, New Zealanders do not have the luxury of being able to watch the Melbourne Cup in person, since it would take a plane flight. But many New Zealanders still take part in Melbourne Cup betting. This can be done quickly and easily online, with most New Zealand online bookmakers offering Melbourne Cup NZ sports betting options. A New Zealand bet maker need only log on to an online bookmaker website, create an account, and Melbourne Cup betting can be down in just a few seconds of time. It couldn’t be easier.

Melbourne Cup Rules

The Melbourne Cup, held in November of every year, is raced over 3,200 meters on a circular race course. The event is specifically for thoroughbred horses of three years and over. As an event that has been held annually for many years, it is generally widely attended by both bet makers and interested horse breeders from around the world.

Note that the Melbourne Cup is held under controlled handicap conditions, which is a very important aspect for those who are interested in Melbourne Cup betting. Handicap conditions mean that the speed of horses is balanced out via placing weights in the saddles. This means that the fastest horses are slowed down, which keeps them from dominating the event and being obvious winners. The result is a race that is balanced, fair, and a great deal more exiting.

Melbourne Cup Betting Options

Most New Zealand bet makers will provide fixed odds betting options on the Melbourne Cup. This means that the odds will be decided by the bookmaker, and clearly displayed on the website. When participating in Melbourne Cup betting, these odds will determine how much the payouts are, should be bet be successful. Remember that higher odds, such as 1/10, provide better payouts than lower odds, such as 1/2. Higher odds indicate that a horse is less likely to win, however. It is a game of risk versus reward.

Bookmakers may also provide group betting options for the Melbourne Cup, but this depends on specific bookmakers and the options they choose to offer. Group betting options will allow a bet maker to select more than one horse, with payouts being given if any of the horses chosen finish in a top position. The bet maker may also predict the finishing positions of each of his chosen horses, with a correct prediction paying out more. A smaller payout will be made if the chosen horses finish in the top three, at least, but not in the order chosen by the bet maker. See your favourite online bookmaker for more details on how group betting options work.

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