Guide on How To Bet On NRL Games

The NRL or National Rugby League is an Australian top level rugby league with 16 of the best teams competing for the win. One of the most exciting sports available can be made better by having a great bet as well. The below guide will cover a few typical bets that you should know and a few handy tips on choosing the right place to bet.

Typical Bets

While these are not all of the bets available, they should serve as a great starting point for anybody interested in betting on the

  • Head to head – A direct wager in which you bet on the team you think will win the match. There is no handicap but odds will apply.
  • Margin betting – Similar to a head to head bet, except you will need to include a winning margin. For example a bet for the Melbourne Storm to beat the Manly Sea Eagles by a margin of 10 points, the Melbourne Storm would need to win by 10 points to secure a victory.
  • First try Scorer – A simple wager where you will bet on which player you believe will score the first try in the game.
  • Head to head most tries – An interesting bet in which two players are pitted against one another. The outcome of the game is not taken into consideration, only the amount of tries scored between the two predetermined players. Odds will be very important in this betting.
  • Line Betting – Similar to a head to head, only with a handicap but no odds involved. This is a great bet to place if you are very confident in the chosen team.
  • Prop Bets – While not always considered to be great bets, prop bets can sometimes be very fruitful for bettors. Prop bets can range from anything, relating to the game or not. A great example of a prop bet is, Which player will receive a yellow card first. Prop bets are somewhat rare in physical establishments but are more common online.

Find Value

Even if your predictions are fantastic, it is of no use if there is no value to your bets. The value of a bet can hang on many factors like the odds given, Handicaps or even a bet limit in place. Be sure to check a few sportsbooks to find where you will have the best value for your bet.

Where To Bet

While most online sportsbooks will offer different odds, and odds are always important. It is important to look at the rest of the offerings from a sportsbook to see if they match your requirements. Some important factors to check;

  • Licencing – See which licences the sportsbook holds, this a great way to ensure the safety of your money in their hands.
  • Bonuses – Certain bonuses can go a long way in improving your betting experience. Be sure to find the right bonus for your betting needs.
  • User experience – The ease of use can go a long way in ensuring your satisfaction with a sportsbook.

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