Difference Between Real And Fantasy Sports Betting

While sports betting and betting on fantasy sports can be considered worlds apart, Both have fantastic opportunities for anybody keen on betting and making some more money. Both are built for the players to be able to use fantastic knowledge of the game to not only get some extra enjoyment out of the game but to win some money too. In the below we will go over what betting on fantasy sports and how it differentiates from traditional sport betting.

Main Difference

Fantasy sport betting is fundamentally different to traditional betting in the sense that it is technically not a bet. In traditional betting you are placing a wager on a specified outcome in the hopes of making the right decision and winning money. In fantasy sport betting on the other hand, you are playing in a virtual league. It does cost money to enter the virtual leagues which makes up the prize pool for you to win. While in laments terms this does sound like betting, it is more comparable to competing in an online video game where there is are prizes to be had for the winner.


As highlighted before, fantasy football falls in a rather strange grey area when it comes to betting. It is still considered gambling as you need to pay to participate in most online sportsbooks, however that consideration is more so held by people than governments. With Fantasy sports being considered more a game then a bet, it is legal virtually anywhere where real sports betting is not. While it is always important to check local regulation first, Fantasy football is generally legal everywhere.


While real sports betting offers a sometimes insane number of bets on anything you could think of. Fantasy sports, on the other hand, is not so fortunate. There is generally only one real way to make money which is to have a winning roster. Unfortunately, this entails a long process of games before a winner is declared, so it becomes somewhat obvious that fantasy sports is catered more towards fans of the sport than fans of betting.


Another considerable difference between real sports betting and fantasy sports betting is the competition. In real sports betting you are generally betting against the sportsbook. While betting against a sportsbook is fantastic in its own right, it is considerably different to that of fantasy sports betting. Fantasy sports betting has a player playing directly against other players in their league, most fantasy sports players consider this to be to their advantage. However, this is really of little result as real sports betting and fantasy sports betting are in-fact very little alike.

Final Thoughts

While both favor fans of sport and very accurate game knowledge to result in a win, fantasy sports and real sports betting are worlds apart from one another. Many bettors who are avid fans of the game will likely enjoy fantasy sports betting, as will fantasy sports bettors enjoy real sports betting. Do take note that they are to be approached in very different ways.

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