Cycling Betting Tips For New Bettors

Cycling betting can be a fun way to increase the stakes on your favourite cycling races. If you intend to up the stakes to more than just a hobby, betting smarter will be vital to finding success. Below are three tips to help you secure your betting wins when betting on cycling.

  1. Learn The Tipsters

In every type of sports betting there will be a large number of people/websites claiming to give you accurate predictions on results. While these tips can often be accurate, they can just as often be wrong. While research is incredibly important, these tips can go a long way in confirming or changing what your research has pointed towards, the key lays in finding a tip source who is correct more often than not. Best practice would be to note the tips from several of these tipsters before a race and without betting, see how the tips would have panned out.

After doing this for several races you will build a relative log of which tipsters are more accurate. These tips are best used as a tool to compare against your current betting plans, following tips without any of your own research is not recommended.

  1. Knowledge Is Vital

There are several key pieces of information you should know if you want to be a successful bettor, below is a list of information you should always ensure to know about any race.

  • Track – Know the history of a track, difficult sections or adverse conditions may affect riders differently, it is important to look into the previous year’s standings as for the most part, in all sports, history repeats itself. Track/course knowledge especially in regard to changes will prove vital when making a winning prediction
  • Riders – Know the riders and how they generally preform. It is always important to look into a rider’s history and know how they perform in different conditions and on different tracks. No two riders preform the same in different conditions, learn these conditions and you are on the way to a winning bet.
  • History – reiterating history again may seem pointless, but it is potentially the most important factor to know when partaking in any sports betting. Know the outcomes for the last 4 years, your betting will only improve from it.
  1. Where To Bet

With online betting being the easiest way to place bets in today’s modern world, options for betting sites are almost endless. This can create a slight dilemma for newer bettors as with endless options comes difficulty of choice from cycling to NRL bets.

Chief among your criteria when choosing a betting site should be trust and safety, always check which licences are held by your choice of betting site, a quick search should reveal a lot about the licences in question. To that point, there are also many reviews of betting sites which should give you a good idea into the trust worthiness of the site.

Odds are always important for any bettor. Be sure to compare odds offered between different betting sites.

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