Closer Look at Reindeer Wild Wins Slot Game

The Reindeer Wild Wins slot machine, created by Genesis Software, is an online gambling game. It features a five reel, one thousand and twenty four play line system, and is based around an artic adventure theme. The graphics are well made, the sound design immersive and interactive, and user interface applicable to all modern play platforms. The game is available to play for free using virtual currency, or for real using money deposited into an active account.

Basic Slots Play Rules

The Reindeer Wild slot machine game uses the accepted traditional rules of online slot machines. First, the player is required to choose the amount of the initial upfront bet. This can be change at the bottom o the screen, using the plus and minus buttons. Once a bet is decided upon, the reels may be spun, using the spin button located at the bottom right.

Upon the reels stopping, the visible symbols will automatically be matched into winning sequences, with payouts based on the value of the symbols in the sequence. The bet may again be changed, after which the reels may again be spun. Note that if any wild symbols are in the play area, the will trigger automatically.

Reindeer Wild Wins Theme And Basic Symbols

Sticking with the theme, the game has play symbols deigned around a snowy adventure story. Some of the symbols include a mysterious woman and a reindeer. The wild symbol is recognisable by the written word wild, and may substitute for any other symbol except for the Scatter in order to create a winning sequence across an enabled payline.

The reindeer symbol is the scatter symbol, and if matching with itself at least three times will trigger a number of free spins. A match of three scatter symbols grant eight free spins, while four and five scatter symbols will be rewarded with fifteen and twenty free spins respectively.

Available Play Platforms

The Reindeer Wild Wins slot machine game, available to play on all modern game platforms. This includes mobile phone, tablet, home computer and laptop. If you would like to play on a home computer or laptop, simply open the game in a browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and it will automatically load, without any need for a permanent download and start enjoying cricket betting on it.

If an error message is returned, please ensure that the Flash software is installed on the computer. In order to get Flash, simply search for it via a search engine and install it as you would any other software.

Flash automatically plugs itself into your browser. If you wish to play the game on mobile phone or tablet, please search for it via Google Play Store or Apple App Store and tap to have it automatically download and install. Do keep in mind, however, that the game may not be compatible with every model of phone or tablet. Look for a notification that says the software is compatible with your phone before downloading.

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