Classical Decade Themed Crazy 80’s Slot Game Reviewed

It is time to step back a few decades to the peak of roller skates, Walkman’s and disco with this Crazy 80’s online slot game from Microgaming. From the moment players first open this game they will recognise several factors involved that draw attention to the effects of this rather fondly looked on decade. The colours on the reels alone say a fair few things about the proceedings and players comfortable with these rather exhilarating reels doing the spinning in front of them will likely enjoy the rest this bright slot game has to offer. Overall this seems to be quite a groovy slot game on the face of it.


This Crazy 80’s slot game may be a reference to the decade in question but it certainly shares a few qualities with the more modern slot game setups. In this pursuit it involves a set of 5 reels and just 9 pay lines, not an overwhelming amount by any means but one accommodating a little extra further down the line. The betting options linked to this slot game are all arranged below the reels which makes for an easy place to setup this slot game from. Despite the more modern possibilities attached to this slot game there are no bonus features involved, which could be regarded as somewhat crazy.

Getting Groovy to the Crazy 80’s Slot Theme

There are a lot of things to look back fondly on as the world steadily changes, in part for the better, but that feeling of nostalgia is often very hard to shake and even necessarily describe. In this slot game from Microgaming, players familiar with the decade involved might find themselves enjoying the trip down memory lane while they spin the reels. This is motivated by the fact that the graphics of this Crazy 80’s slot game are fairly decent and as such display the reels and all their accompanying adornments in rather splendid technicolour. Through the symbols on the reels is where the players will notice aspects that link back to the decade in the title itself.

The symbols involved in this Crazy 80’s slot game include various packages of items from the era, including the likes of aviator sunglasses, the Rubik’s cube, various game pads, records and even a few Back to the Future magazines. All of this and more serves to create the theme of this Crazy 80’s slot game that for the most part inherits its gameplay style from the classical slot game of old. This also explains the resulting lack of bonus features which don’t mar the experience much at all.

Less Bonuses and the Jackpots Rather Involved

Though this Crazy 80’s slot game from Microgaming may have forsaken the bonus features that could be involved, there are a few compensations for this simpler setup. Firstly the gameplay can then afford to be of a simpler and more grounded nature, focusing only on the combinations that can form on the reels. Additional to this jackpots involved in this slot are linked dramatically to the betting options instilled during the setup and so the more players bet the higher the jackpots involved, rather resoundingly too.

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