Aces and Faces Video Poker Game With Its Rules

Aces and Faces is a video poker game based on standard poker rules, with the Aces and Faces rule variant included. This video poker game is played with a single, standard 52 card deck.

Like many other video poker titles, Aces and Faces offer players wagers of between 1 and 5 per hand. If you make higher wagers, the pay outs increase accordingly. Players can expect a jackpot pay out of 4000 coins for a Royal Flush.

Aces and Faces Rule Variation

Aces and Faces follow standard poker hand rules. The Aces and Faces rule variation at play means that any 4 of a kind hand that features the Aces or the Q, J, K and Q face cards will have an above average pay out.

You can win between 40 and 200 coins for 4 matching Q, J or K symbols and between 50 and 400 coins for 4 aces, depending on whether you have wagered 1 or 5 coins.

Aces and Faces Hand Rankings

Aces and Faces start the winning hand rankings with a jack or better. This will pay out even odds of 1:1. Since you are only playing against the computer and not another player, your wins are determined by your hand and its odds as stated on the game’s pay table.

In Aces and Faces, a four of a kind hand has 3 possible pay outs. Four matching symbols between 2 and 10 are ranked above a full house, but with regards to pay outs, this hand will be ranked below four face cards. Four Aces offer a high pay out but it is still ranked below a Royal Flush which will pay the game’s jackpot pay out of 4000 coins.

Aces and Faces Strategies

Aces and Faces can be played at mobile pokies NZ with standard poker strategy but you need to take into consideration the unique Aces and Faces rule set regarding face cards and ace cards.

Pairs, Flushes and Straights all feature a lower pay out than the 4 of a kind combinations so you should try and place your focus on these high value hands. You will need at least jacks or better to make a winning hand.

The Aces and Faces Control Panel

Aces and Faces features a full set of game controls and displays at the bottom of the screen. On this toolbar you will see Current Balance window containing your current casino credit amount. The cashier button will take you to the no deposit online casino’s cashier where you can make deposits or withdrawals.

If you are playing Aces and Faces in free play mode, simply click on the Play For Real Money button to switch to your account credits. For a record of your hands and wins, you can click on the History button. It should be noted that the history of play is only available if you are making real money wagers.

Next to these tabs you will find the game control that feature the Max Bet, Deal, and Bet One buttons.

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